Where to go for breakfast in LJ city

Ljubljana is amazing city. Cozy, lovely, clean, people are classify rubbish, ride a bikes and have a dogs. Is not possible to not fall in love. I did – directly. And i travel there so often that few of my friends are thinking that i live there. No, no..not yet. But i found there few amazing places which became my favorites and I would like to recommend few of them to you. Because i believe one day you will travel to LJ city (as we called) and is always nice to know, where you can find good food.

Lets start with breakfast! 

Le Petit Café

Address: Trg francoske revolucije 4, Ljubljana

Open hours: 7:30- 01:00

We found this place months ago, actually as first nice place for breakfast and we like it. Became “our breakfast place” where we can enjoy healthy smoothie, Eggs Lorraine, croissants and “padalšna čarna kava” – which means espresso lungo. During summer you can sit outside with lots of different kind of people around you- local, tourists, young hipsters or older ladies. But is 100% change you will meet little birds there, who wants to take piece of your food/sugar directly from your plate. Dont feed them !




Address: Gornji trg 15, Ljubljana

Open hours: 09:00- 00:00

Relatively “new kiddo in the city” situated in tiny, lovely street which you can use during your journey to visit a Ljubljana castle. Just sit outside and enjoy atmosphere around you- view of the castle or of the square with fountain. Heartbreaking! Friendly servise, good coffee….soooo nice cutlery and handmade plates made by local Hana Karim. Our choice is always Eggs Benedict with avocado spread, goat cheese and bacon but once i tried homemade Granola with almond milk and was delicius also. This place deserve your visit.





Address: Petrovškovo nabrežje 65, Ljubljana

Open hours: 07:00- 18:00

The newest breakfast place in the city for us. So friendly staff there, so good coffee (cappuccino with rice milk- always my choice), water directly on a table. I have no idea who is owner of this place- probably group of amazing young people who know what they are doing and doing it good. Food is so simple but interesting… if is breakfast or lunch..main course or dessert. Interior there is soooo cool !!!! Briliant ! And if youre okay with not sitting in the crowded place in the middle of city, maybe walk a little bit along the river or across the one of the oldest street in the city- this is the right place for you and we will meet there once. Thumbs up guys!

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So, book a flight tickets to Ljubljana soon an possible !

Have a nice Sunday


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Banana bread

The weekend is here and great weather finally too. Today im opening my personal golf season, so it means that i need some super easy but good snack to take away. On Friday my collegues gave me a few bananas, so plan was done. I don’t eat bread or any other pastry (i know, croissants are sin) and i really try to avoid of sugar (in Ljubljana i found amazing plate with so cute descriprion what calories are- little creatures who lives in your closet and they reduce your clothes), so I changed this recipe. Delicious, very easy to make and its gluten and sugarfree. Yeeey  Continue reading →

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Spiced mashed carrots

I know, I know… it’s not summer yet. Technically, it will be in a few weeks but the weather is still awful. It’s rainy, windy… 
I had to run some errands in the downtown today and I knew that sitting behind a wheel hungry is never good, because it would result in me buying the first thing in my way at a gas station. (The “baguettes” they sell are simply evil!!! And so is the so-called muesli, smiling on you since the moment you step in.) Of course, as usually, I was right. As soon as I got to the cashier desk, the nice lady behind the desk asked if I wanna buy two chocolates for one euro. No, thanks.

Snímek-005 uvod Continue reading →

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The Experiment

Finally, I have the time to post something new – something, that I have been obsessing about for the past few days. OK, if I have to be honest, I finished this project during the weekend but we all have to work so I didn’t have the time to put a blog post about this together until now. Phew, I was just about to add an emoticon here, but NO… I was told that using emoticons looks unprofessional. So from now on, I’ll be emoticon-free and I’ll try to express my emotions using different means. Thanks, Luki :) (my web designer) . This was the last one, I swear.

So what was it I was doing for the last week? Jaming

tekvica text Continue reading →

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An Italian lunch

I was inspired to make this lunch by my mom who just came back from a 2-days business trip from Jasna where she stayed in a super duper, multiple star hotel that shall not be named. When we finally had the time to talk about how it went, the first thing she told was that the hotel restaurant was amazing and that she got to eat a “real” risotto.risoto uvod Continue reading →

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Almond inspiration from a king himself

You’re probably reading this on a Monday (or Tuesday, Wednesday…), but it was written on a Sunday evening. I’m happily tired after a long day. Another weeks is ending and I was trying to figure out a cool recipe for today since Monday. After all, Sunday means baking a cake – at least in our house. So I’m just sitting here, looking for inspiration and it came to me… a royal inspiration, no less.

mandlovy kolac uvod

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